Julia Malkin: “Exploring diverse experience through Poetry”

University of Leicester to hear from award-winning educational pioneer

Diversity Seminar to focus on “Exploring diverse experience through poetry” at School of Psychology, Tuesday 18 March 2014


The University of Leicester’s School of Psychology’s latest diversity seminar will focus upon the exploration of diverse and alternative experiences through the medium of poetry.

At the seminar, the audience will hear from Julia Malkin MBE FRSA, a driving instructor and PhD student at the University of Leicester who, diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at forty, was later hailed as “the most qualified and decorated driving instructor in the UK” by the Leicester Mercury.

Julia Malkin has focussed on poetry for her PhD, with the aim of describing her own, alternative experience in poetic form.

At the event Julia will read poems from her portfolio and engage in a dialogue with her supervisor, Mr Nick Everett, Lecturer in the School of English.

Mr Everett said: “It is a strikingly new experience for me as a supervisor to engage with a voice like Julia’s.  Her work is excellent, funny and moving and formally accomplished, and it will be a real pleasure to hear her read in front of a substantial audience – and interesting to hear their reaction too.  Both Julia and I are curious as to what the many Clinical Psychologists there will make of her poetic representations of Aspergers experience.”

“As the first person to complete a portfolio of poems for the new Creative Writing PhD in English, she has undertaken a formidable artistic challenge, and produced the kind of work which we are bound to see published in the near future.”

Julia Malkin received an MBE for her work in adapting learning resources to teach driving to those on the autistic spectrum, and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) in 2013.

Julia Malkin said: “I would like this work to be able to build bridges between the everyday world and the Asperger world, raising awareness of the condition, giving everyday people the perspective to see through our eye.

“This work is already changing lives.”

Julia has also won seven awards for pioneering various systems to teach and counsel people with mental health issues ranging from autism to depression and schizophrenia.

Most recently, her new reflexive learning system SENSE (Special Education Needs Self Evaluation) is being trialled across the UK, designed to teach special needs people how to reflect on their learning.

Aside from this, Julia has acquired seventeen academic and professional qualifications, with her PhD continuing the work exploring the relation between Asperger syndrome and poetry that she undertook for her MA.

The Diversity Seminar will take place at the Rattray Lecture Theatre, on the University of Leicester Campus from 3.30-5.30pm on Tuesday 18 March 2014.

Entry to this event is free, but please book a place in advance by emailing Carl Gudgeon, Course Secretary, Clinical Psychology, at cmg16@le.ac.uk.


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