Rave reviews for Anne Goodwin’s first novel, Sugar and Snails

“The Good Story” by Arabella Kurtz recommended to help writers understand how a therapist’s mind works 

Anne Goodwin headed up psychology services for clients with severe and enduring mental health problems in Nottingham for many years. She also regularly supervised trainees and contributed to teaching on the Leicester training course. Anne is now a full-time writer and her first novel, Sugar and Snails, was published this year and has received rave reviews. The central character, Diana Dodsworth, is a made-up psychologist (an academic not a clinician), whose work interests are clearly shaped by her experience of difficult events in her past.

Anne regularly posts reviews on her writing blog Annethology. This week she featured the book I wrote with novelist JM Coetzee about narrative and therapeutic process, “The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy”, recommending it to writers who want to learn more about how a therapist’s mind works.

Follow this link to read the review and visit Annethology:


Arabella Kurtz, November 2015



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