All our posts will fall into these Categories.


Psychology Cultures Seminar Series

These posts will give details of upcoming events in our Psychology Cultures Seminar Series, as well as posts by the guest speakers on their subject, additional media, and an opportunity for discussion.


Global Connections

Psychological practice differs around the world, and at the University of Leicester we have been working to create connections with practitioners in other countries so that we can learn from each other. In this category, you can expect to find details on our work towards these connections, including items on our Trainee Exchange placements in Cuba, and other opportunities for globalisation.



How does the research of the University of Leicester trainees and staff touch on our theme of Psychology Cultures in different and diverse ways? These include posts from trainees who will be presenting at their end of year research conference, which always promises to be a stimulating day for psychologists in the East Midlands.

This category is also sub-divided by trainee year group, i.e. for the trainees graduating in 2014, please select 2011-2014. If you wish to read all these posts regardless of year group, simply select the overall tag of ‘Research’, or ‘Staff’ for all staff research.



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